Second Anniversary!

Helloooo! First blog post, whoop!


This past Tuesday Hubby and I celebrated being married TWO years! What??? My fellow marrieds know what I mean when I say in some ways the time has flown by, and in other ways it has just crawled! It has been a rough two years of crazy life, but my hubs is sweet and cares for my needs, and we trust a sovereign God who hasn’t and won’t leave us. We are a part of a great church and an honest community group who have helped set a good foundation for this marriage to be wonderful! So yes, life will keep coming but we are blessed. I love being married to you, Hubby!


My fellow marrieds also know money is rarely in abundance, especially in the early years(or always?), so we opted for a very cheap but fun anniversary!

Arbys1  Hubby brought home Arby’s for dinner and he opened part of my gift to him, the part that I had available. Stay tuned for a (possible?) post on the other part.

DateNights In his gift was this ring of preplanned dates nights for the next year of our marriage. FREE printable  found here!! Btdubs, I LOVE free printables! Be prepared for many many! (; I am hopeful that each of these dates turn into a post about how it went.

After dinner we set up our own black light party in our tiny living room! Too fun!

BlacklightpartyLots of glow sticks(I have the tiara on), a few black lights, glow-in-the-dark balloons, glow-in-the-dark drinks(tonic water glows blue under black light!), Pandora dance music (as loud as you can in an apartment), and painting white t-shirts! Fun night, and all planned by Hubby! Thanks sweetie. (;