Grocery Sticky Hunt

I found this super easy, fast and cute date night on The Dating Divas website. This will be the first of many posts I repost from them. I love everything on their site! See the original post here. I could share everything I’ve ever used from this site, but that would take many days so I’m just gonna stick with sharing how our date went! (;





I printed out the little clue teaser thing and gave that to him right before we left. Then in each of envelopes was a clue for one ingredient we needed for our split! He did great figuring them out and we got all the stuff we needed. Then we headed home and made the splits. Mmmm! Mine is the totally full bowl, obvi. Fun fact: I’m addicted to ice cream!

For real, all marrieds NEED to know Dating Divas. Everything you need is there. And a ton of free printables! (:

We still need to do our June pre-planned date at the park so keep an eye out for that coming up. For now…I’m going back to Physics class. BOO! 😦

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