Date Night: Puzzle Edition

New date night post! And it was sure fun to plan!

Each month The Dating Divas put out a Love Calendar with date ideas and ways to connect with your spouse each day. This Puzzle Date was on last Friday, but I wasn’t prepared so we just moved it over to this weekend! Why not…

Friday morning I left an invitation in Hubby’s car inviting him to a Puzzle themed date night. I found this invite here on The Dating Divas, but I’m sure it can be found on the creator’s site too, Strawberry Mommycakes!


To make this invite you just print, paint two or three hearts using liquid watercolor, write a secret message in white crayon and attach a paintbrush for your honey to use to color over the message. After trying it(as you see above), I have a few tips.

1. Definitely use a crayon and not a white pencil. The pencil marks were to thin to be seen well under the paint! 😦

2. Make sure you paint the hearts thick enough that there is paint to cover all the words.

3. The wetter the brush and the less paint on the brush, the better you will see the letters.

I doubt you can read mine so I’ll tell you it says ” Date Night: Puzzle Ed. My House, Me & You. Tonight. Can’t wait!” Just simple.

Once he got to work he had five other envelopes to open with specific times of the day on them. One was a movie trivia crossword puzzle( that he did awesome on!), one was a math square puzzle that I didn’t solve beforehand and ended up actually being impossible, and one was a word scramble that he did perfectly! These three I made myself with the help of this site. Super easy, and fun to make!

image (2)
Another he opened was a love note written on puzzle themed paper, and the last one was a picture puzzle I made with a message on the back. Both of these were found in the same Dating Divas post as the invite! Couldn’t be easier, serious. See All for the Memories for instructions on how to make this simple puzzle with popsicle sticks!

image (3)

Here is my finished project. I didn’t let my Mod Podge dry long enough so the picture ripped along the edges each time I cut. Therefore, my tip on this one is to start in plenty of time so you can LET IT DRY!

And guess what! That wasn’t even all of it! I also sent clues throughout the day to help him solve what was for dinner, AND when he got home, we played 5 questions(same as 20 questions just fewer questions. (; ) to see if he could figure out the color of my panties, which he did! Hey, we’re young…we gotta add in a little kinky every once in awhile right? Then we ate our pizza and watched (half of) Inception. Other good “puzzling” movies I suggest to end this date would be Source Code, The Matrix, Shutter Island, or National Treasure. I’m sure there are others but these are the ones I’ve seen.

I had a fun time planning this because I know my dear loves to use his brain and solve puzzles, but I think anyone would enjoy this day of personalized puzzles and secrets. Try it out!

August’s pre-planned date will probably be next…be looking out for how I do a star-gazing date. (;

Until next time,



And…one month later!

After a crazy month, I’m back! Physics was hard. Passed with a B. Moving on!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to do our June pre-planned date. 😦 When I wasn’t in class or studying I was trying to rest so I wouldn’t fall asleep in class or studying! Very hard month, not much time with Hubby. Sad time.

BUT we did get to do our July pre-planned date already! If you missed the intro to the preplanned dates, find it here



Here’s the story: Sometime in July 2011 after he (finally) got the courage to ask to court me, my now Hubby took me on our first date! He took me to iFratellis for lunch and then we went to see the first Captain America in the theatre.

So last Wednesday we debated driving to the same restaurant then realized getting over there and ordering would take two hours, and we were hungry! So we searched for an iFratellis near us, went and picked up some pizza and cheesecake(which I didn’t get the first time! :P) brought it home and watched Captain America in bed together.

After that first date we went back to his parents house to encounter excessive awkward questions( y’all don’t deny it!), and…we skipped that part this time. I think hope we are past that stage by now! (;

So not exactly like the first date…but it was chill and fun, and good for us.

On a different note, I’m glad to say not taking part two of Physics has allowed me to start attending ReGeneration again! I’m ready to knock these struggles on their hineys and show them my God’s love, grace, and help is far greater than their hurt. Stay tuned for progress. (;

Til something else share-worthy happens…