And…one month later!

After a crazy month, I’m back! Physics was hard. Passed with a B. Moving on!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to do our June pre-planned date. 😦 When I wasn’t in class or studying I was trying to rest so I wouldn’t fall asleep in class or studying! Very hard month, not much time with Hubby. Sad time.

BUT we did get to do our July pre-planned date already! If you missed the intro to the preplanned dates, find it here



Here’s the story: Sometime in July 2011 after he (finally) got the courage to ask to court me, my now Hubby took me on our first date! He took me to iFratellis for lunch and then we went to see the first Captain America in the theatre.

So last Wednesday we debated driving to the same restaurant then realized getting over there and ordering would take two hours, and we were hungry! So we searched for an iFratellis near us, went and picked up some pizza and cheesecake(which I didn’t get the first time! :P) brought it home and watched Captain America in bed together.

After that first date we went back to his parents house to encounter excessive awkward questions( y’all don’t deny it!), and…we skipped that part this time. I think hope we are past that stage by now! (;

So not exactly like the first date…but it was chill and fun, and good for us.

On a different note, I’m glad to say not taking part two of Physics has allowed me to start attending ReGeneration again! I’m ready to knock these struggles on their hineys and show them my God’s love, grace, and help is far greater than their hurt. Stay tuned for progress. (;

Til something else share-worthy happens…



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