Welcome, 2015.

Finally getting to my New Years reflections. 2014 wasn’t great…I wasn’t sure I would have anything interesting to say. But for my future reference, I shall reflect.

In 2014:

  • (Jan.) We went our first beach together during a great vacay in San Diego.
  • I made 5 As, 1 B and 2 Cs in a CRAZY second to last year of school.
  • I left a great job to continue schooling full time, and started a job far out of my league that made me doubt all my previous work and future desires. Whew. 😦
  • D left a terribly draining job for one he seems to enjoy that has allowed us much more time together. Whoop!
  • We lost one pet, and spoiled the other two.
  • We celebrated 2 years of marriage!
  • I started a blog after our anni with big hopes that fell to the side when I started spending about 16 hours on school everyday. Hopefully, I’ll post more this semester…but school. 😦
  • I began, restarted, and restarted again (due to classes) a 12 step recovery program and have made it to step 6.
  • We lost the friendships I wrote were so great last January.
  • We were hurt by others, hurt each other, struggled through learning each other more, and prayed many many hours.

In 2015, I/we expect to:

  • Finish ONE more semester of classes, and then have a blast apprentice teaching a semester wherever the Lord leads before graduating in Dec.
  • Complete the second half of ReGen and experience healing from processing my pain and patterns.
  • Celebrate our third year of marriage!
  • Take a vacay, maybe a cruise??
  • Have more date nights.
  • Find my voice, practice vulnerability, learn to trust the Lord’s view of me as most important, and rely on Him in everything.
  • Be hurt by others, hurt each other, struggle through learning each other more, and pray many many hours.

I hope for fewer tears, less heart hurts, and lower stress, plus more fun, laughs, and love. But I know the Lord will bring us through what the year holds. And for you as well. 🙂

Have a blessed 2015!!


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